Wildlife in Secure Environment

(The WISE Trust)
A non profit organization formed to assist in the rehabilitation and safe release of native wildlife, where interaction with humans has resulted in injury or deprivation of habitat to these creatures.

The Haven

As a result of a generous bequest from past trustee Barbara Brash, in 1999 the Trust purchased a property at Yea Victoria to develop into a wildlife sanctuary.
'The Haven' has been established to provide a safe sanctuary where injured or orphaned wildlife can be tended until they are suitably recovered to allow their safe release back into the wild.


WISE is a not for profit organisation. Apart from our property manager at the WISE rehabilitation sanctuary at Yea, all work is undertaken by volunteers throughout Victoria.
All proceeds from donations go directly to costs incurred in caring and treating injured animals. Accordingly, your donation will make a difference where it counts ? by helping save wildlife.